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GBAC STAR Trained Event Planner

  • Course Description This course bundle aims to increase the student’s understanding of infectious disease basics, including how they spread and how to break the chain of infection through proper cleaning, disinfection, and other mitigation strategies. It covers the importance of infectious disease prevention programs in the workplace, risk assessment, the hierarchy of control, personal protective equipment, and best practices for events.
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  • Who Should Enroll All Event Planner or Event Staff that are interested in staying current on infection prevention and control for any event they are hosting.
    Learning Objectives
    • Increase understanding of the chain of infection and its implications
    • Recognize the significance of infectious disease prevention programs in the workplace for regulatory compliance and keeping employees and attendees safe.
    • Conduct risk assessments and implement the hierarchy of control to prevent future outbreaks.
    • Emphasize the importance of hygienic cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE) to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.
    • Establish infectious disease protocols to create a more resilient and safe working and event environment.
    Course Length 41 minutes