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(Español) Examen Nivel Básico de Técnico Certificado en Operaciones de Limpieza Versión 7

  • Course Description This Advanced course will take your skills to the next level by focusing on more restorative, project-based tasks. Learn how to successfully strip and refinish floors, extract carpets, deep clean above-the-floor surfaces, and disinfection.

    Course Lessons Include:
    Advanced Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces, Advanced Cleaning for Carpeted Floor Surfaces, Advanced Cleaning of Above-Floor Surfaces, Advanced Disinfection
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  • Exam Objectives
    • 80% or higher required to pass
    • 1 attempt, if failed reach out to [email protected] for reset fee and instructions
    • Progress is saved and can be finished at later date.
    • Certificate available for download once exam is passed.
    • Certification valid for 2 years
    Exam Length144 Multiple Choice & True/False Questions