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Infectious Disease Awareness In The Workplace (English)

  • Course Description Introducing the New GBAC Awareness Course: Empowering Workplace Preparedness for Infectious Diseases
    Equip your employees with crucial knowledge for workplace safety through the enhanced GBAC Awareness Course. Aligned with global guidelines from WHO, CDC, and other authorities, this concise 30-minute program covers infectious disease awareness, including COVID-19, seasonal flu, and more.
    With a focus on promoting workplace safety, the course provides practical insights into infection prevention, mitigation strategies, hygiene practices, and critical measures to safeguard health and well-being. Available in seven languages, it caters to diverse workforces across industries.
    Build a resilient workforce by empowering your employees today. Note that the GBAC Awareness Course complements comprehensive training programs and should not replace specific workplace protocols or industry-specific guidelines.

    Course Lessons Include:
    Risk assessment, the hierarchy of control, and personal protective equipment or PPE. Price $30 Member Price
    $50 Non-Member Price
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  • Who Should Enroll The GBAC Awareness course is designed for a wide range of individuals. Key audiences for this course would include.
    • Facility Managers and Administrators
    • Cleaning and Janitorial Staff, Security
    • Environmental, Health and Safety Professionals
    • Hospitality Staff, including restaurant, spas and resort and hotel staff
    • Security
    • Event Organizers and Venue Managers
    • Everyone interested in becoming resilient to outbreaks and pandemics. We all must understand the basics on how to protect ourselves and others.
    Learning Objectives
    • The basics of infectious diseases and how they are transmitted.
    • The fundamentals of how to break the “chain of infection”
    • The significance of basic “risk assessment”…. We do it every day!
    • The course will enable participants to recognize the essential components of an effective cleaning and disinfection program. Learners will gain knowledge about selecting appropriate disinfection chemistries, dwell or contact times, and using personal protective equipment.
    Course Length 30 minutes