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House Cleaning Process & Procedure Training

  • Course Description House Cleaning Process & Procedure TrainingĀ is a training program designed specifically for residential cleaning company owners who need a stable training system that details the complete processes. Most quality complaints from customers come from things that were missed completely, not just cleaned poorly. The process sketches in the House Cleaning Process & Procedure Training will end those complaints. Your cleaners will learn the processes before ever stepping into a home.

    The training is broken down into three courses: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Dusting. Each course is broken down into four lessons: Process video, procedure video, manual, and quiz.

    The training is completely virtual. Employees can complete the course from your office or from their own home. As the employer, you can monitor your employees progress in the training.

    Employees learn the best when you teach them a point (process video), show them what you mean (procedure video), and tell them again (written manual).
    Price$399 Member Price for initial subscription / $99 annual renewal.
    $649 Non-Member Price for initial subscription / $199 for annual renewal.
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  • Who Should EnrollThis course is specifically designed for new employees and retraining current cleaners who are not following a process and missing things while cleaning at residential cleaning companies. With an annual subscription, owners can also use this training as an annual refresher for existing employees.
    Learning Objectives
    • Reduce training payroll hours through remote training for new employees.
    • Increase quality through systematic process and procedure cleaning in bathroom, kitchen and dusting.
    • Quizzes that ensure your employees have absorbed and retained the information.
    Exam PolicyThe exams are multiple choice. To pass the exam, student must have 80% correct. Each student has three attempts to pass the course. If unable to pass the exam on three attempts, student must take the course again.
    Course Length8 Hours