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DePaul University Career Edge Certificate Program

ISSA Hygieia Network and DePaul University
  • Course Description The DePaul University Career Edge Certificate is a three-module skills development program that is designed to support career success for professionals in the cleaning industry.

    Course Lessons Include:
    • Module 1: Career Planning and Strategy
    • Module 2: Personal Talent Assessment
    • Module 3: Crafting and Communicating Your Brand

    Program Benefits:

    Learners earn a DePaul University Certificate of Completion

    The entire program can be accessed on-demand and completed at your own pace.

    Each module includes:

    Interactive module components, videos, audio, card sorts and downloadable worksheets that allow learners to apply the concepts discussed in the module.

    $99 ISSA Hygieia Network and ISSA Member Price
    (Must use Promotion Code CAREER99 to receive reduced member price.)
    $299 Non-Member Price
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  • Learning Objectives Module 1: Career Planning and Strategy:

    In this module, we'll take a close look at career planning. Once finished, you will be able to confidently:

    • Navigate the career planning process, creating and maintaining a personal career plan for yourself.
    • Articulate your work values and their connection to career satisfaction.
    • Engage in multiple career research methods with the goal of evaluating fit.
    • Devise clear goals for moving your career plan forward.

    Module 2: Personal Talent Assessment:

    This module is designed to help you build a deeper understanding of your strengths and skills, allowing you to: 

    • Differentiate between strengths and skills in a way that empowers you to communicate your value in the workplace.
    • Reflect on your strengths to better understand your natural talents and their relationship to skills development.
    • Identify and articulate your skills, as well as develop an upskilling plan.

    Module 3: Crafting and Communicating Your Brand:

    This module enables and empowers learners to communicate their brand through important job search documents, including their resume and cover letter as well as crafting a strategic brand statement. Completing this module will give you the skills and knowledge you need to:

    • Craft a strategic brand statement that represents your most marketable skills, experiences, and attributes.
    • Communicate your brand through important job search documents, including your resume and cover letter.
    • Devise a succinct and strategic way of introducing your brand to others when networking.
    • Identify strategies for living out your brand in the workplace.
    Course Length 6-8 Hours