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Intro to Integrated Audits & Inspections Module

  • Course Description This Intro to Integrated Audits & Inspections Module, provided by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), will increase the student’s knowledge of infectious disease basics, including how they spread and how people become sick. This course increases awareness on the chain of infection and what that is. More importantly it elaborates on breaking the chain through proper cleaning and disinfection practices along with other mitigation strategies. This course also explores the importance of infectious disease or communicable disease prevention programs in the workplace and how they will not only help with the mitigation or prevention of infectious diseases like COVID-19 in the workplace but also may help with regulatory compliance. Other topics in this course include risk assessment, the hierarchy of control, and personal protective equipment or PPE.

    Course Lessons Include:
    Integrated Audits & Inspections, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Plan-Do-Check-Act Model Price $30 Member Price
    $50 Non-Member Price
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  • Who Should Enroll Supervisors, workforce employees, and any other professional interesting in learning more about audits and inspection programs. Learning Objectives
    • Increase understanding of audits and inspections and identify the difference.
    • Shift perception to positive proactive approach to process improvement.
    • Start thinking about and audit and inspection program as an integrated cornerstone of continuous improvement.
    • Think about your program and consider ideas and how you can implement them.
    • Ultimately find what works for you and your organization.
    Course Length20 minutes