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Healthier Buildings Awareness with ISSA, GBAC & ASL

  • Course Description This course will give you a better understanding of indoor air quality (IAQ) and help you take practical next steps to create cleaner indoor air for your building occupants.

    The EPA suggests that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. IAQ is getting worse, and the medical outcomes are increasingly negative. Public awareness of this problem is also increasing because of seasonal forest fires and “pollen tsunamis.”

    Take this course to increase your knowledge about IAQ concerns and building issues related to health and wellness. You’ll learn about the latest science on the indoor environment and “trigger factors” for asthma and allergies. You’ll also learn how to identify commercial opportunities to create healthier building spaces, and evaluate tools used to improve IAQ. The course also covers the medical challenges surrounding IAQ.

    This program comes to you from a partnership between ISSA; the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC®), a Division of ISSA; and Allergy Standards Limited (ASL), the experts in indoor air quality. If your facility is GBAC® STAR accredited, this course serves as a vital knowledge component to that accreditation and continuous improvement at your facility.

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn a digital certificate of completion from Allergy Standards Limited.

    Course Lessons Include:
    The medical impact of poor air quality, indoor pathogens, including Gasses, Particulates & Biologicals and understanding asthma and allergies Price $49.00 Member Price
    $99.00 Non-Member Price
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  • Who Should Enroll All professionals interested in creating healthier indoor spaces, including building owners, facilities managers, contract cleaners, procurement managers, heads of sustainability, subcontractors, contractors, and janitors. Learning Objectives
    • Understand the importance of concepts such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Building Related Illness (BRI), and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).
    • Learn about the chemicals, biologicals, and allergens that can be found in indoor air and get a room-by-room guide to airborne triggers that can cause health issues.
    • Understand the difference between a great building and a healthy building and find out why it’s important to go “beyond code” to improve IAQ.
    • Develop a systematic approach to identifying, controlling, and even eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens through improved ventilation, source control, and cleaning.
    Course Length Approximately 1.5 hours