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Webinar: Generation (wh)Y- Understanding What Matters to the Modern Workforce

  • Course Description Reaching and leading Millennial and Gen Z employees has been a challenge in the industry for some time. Learn strategies and tactics for recruiting and retaining employees. Amber is the Founder and CEO of Good Witch Cleaning Services LLC. She leads a team of 9 Millennial and Gen Z employees, overhang of which are LGBTQIA+. She is a former Lieutenant in the fire service and has been leading peers from an early age. She started her company in 2017 with Dollar General cleaning supplies and her own vacuum, and in almost four years and with no capital investment, has grown it to a quarter million dollar a year company.Speaker

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  • Who Should Enroll Owners and managers for residential cleaning companies. Learning Objectives
    • Learn employee recruitment and retaining strategies.
    • Understand the ways to connect with and reach Millennial and Gen Z employees.
    Course Length1 HourDate Recorded March 15, 2022