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Webinar: Employee Bootcamp: Hiring the Best Employees

  • Course Description Hiring has long been a problem in the residential cleaning industry and the pandemic has amplified the problem bringing it to near crisis level. As we move forward in the new year, don’t let hiring cripple your business anymore. Take control of the problem with real solutions. ISSA Residential (formerly known as ARCSI) is hosting a special bootcamp, “Hiring the Best Employees,” featuring speakers that can provide guidance to you as you hire new employees in this uncertain market. Speaker

    Debbie Sardone, Debbie Sardone Consulting; Shawn Day, Blue Skies Recruiting; Liz Trotter, American Maid Cleaning.
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  • Who Should Enroll Cleaning company owners and managers that are struggling to hire in a tough market.Learning Objectives
    • oLearn the Myth Of "The Great Resignation” - How To Find People To Work
    • Build Your Best Team – How to Improve Your Candidate Pool Now
    • Say YES To The Job - How To Get The Good Ones To Show Up
    • Mindset: Specifically, how we changed our mindset to win the recruiting game.
    • The ONE piece of data you need to uncover in every candidate before you hire them.
    • How we interview has changed everything – I’ll tell you exactly how we interview.
    • Learn who the right people are for YOUR company.
    • Do you have the best environment for the people you hire?
    • 3 Things you MUST do during Orientation!.
    Course Length4 Hours Date Recorded March 12, 2022