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Webinar: Employee Bootcamp: Keeping the Best Employees

  • Course Description In part two of ISSA Residential (formerly known as ARCSI) Employee Bootcamp, you will gain strategies to keep the star employees that you hire. In this workshop Debbie Sardone shares her “90 Days To WOW™ Formula” for retaining the best staff. Sessions include: How to Keep the A-Players You Hired with Debbie Sardone, Debbie Sardone Consulting; Building a Strong Culture with Angela Gervino and Creating a Culture that Sticks: Appreciation at Work with Molly Moran.Speaker

    Debbie Sardone, Debbie Sardone Consulting; Molly Moran, Green Sweep; Angela Gervino, Gervino Group
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  • Who Should Enroll Residential cleaning company owners and managers that are struggling to hire in a tough market. Learning Objectives
    • 1.The first 30 days: From offer, to onboarding, to rockstar retention
    • 2.The first 60 days: Rockstar benefits & compensation
    • 3.The first 90 days: When they show you who they are believe them!
    • 4.Top reasons workplace culture suffers
    • 5.The Core 4 and how to implement them (Mission, Values, Strategy & Gratitude)
    • 6.Common problems which destroy culture in the workplace and solutions
    • 7.What an employee appreciation program is.
    • 8.The five languages of appreciation in the workplace
    • 9.How to quickly implement an employee appreciation program at your workplace
    Course Length 2 Hours Date Recorded May 12, 2022