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The Official ISSA Cleaning Times & Tasks

  • Description ISSA and the CMI Workloading Council have launched The Official ISSA Cleaning Times: The Cleaning Industry‚Äôs Most Trusted Tasks, Tools, & Workloading Resource through a collaborative effort with ISSA members. The newest edition of the cleaning times will include updates, removal, and creation of new cleaning times.

    This is a digital version of the booklet, which is accessible for 1 year through Online Learning Subscription.

    Resource Sections Include:
    Workloading Training & Education, Cleaning Task List, Areas & Assets, Industry Specific, Infectious Disease, How to Calculate, Vocabulary, and Flowchart Price $124.99 Member Price
    $249.99 Non-Member Price
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  • Who Should Enroll Building Services Contractors, In-House Service Providers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Manufacturer Reps, Consultants, and Associate Services. Learning Objectives
    • Pandemic Cleaning Times
    • Cleaning Times by industry Segment
    • New Technology Times
    • New Vocabulary section
    Resource Length 87 Pages