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Webinar: Creating Your Personal Brand: Managing Your Work, Life, and Creating a Professional Balance

  • Course Description A part of Hygieia’s Power of 5 Training Program, this webinar will help you gain the confidence and skills needed to attain, keep, and grow your career.
    If you are thinking about a new role and need to prepare for an interview, wanting to become more efficient with your time management, or figuring out how to be your best self, this webinar is for you!

    Irina Chirkin 
    Price $19 Member Price
    $29 Non-Member Price
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  • Learning Objectives
    • Access the necessary tools to prepare and execute an outstanding interview for your next career opportunity
    • Learn organizational tips and tricks that will improve how you delegate
    • Learn how to stand out and grow through continuous learning, goal setting, and holding yourself accountable
    Course Length 38 Minutes