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Virtual Conference: Career Wake Up Calls During Market Disruptions: Lessons Learned

  • Course Description In business, disruption can be devastating or a tremendous opportunity. Consider the disparate paths of Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Amazon vs. traditional retailers, or even Uber & Lyft vs. established taxi services. But how does disruption impact your career? And how might you leverage the opportunity that disruption presents so you emerge victorious like some of the companies above?
    Industry leaders will share the lessons they’ve learned in times of market disruption that you can apply to your career. A panel discussion will facilitate additional ideas and strategies.
    Please note: The conference recording does not include the breakout session discussions.

    Shea Murtaugh 

    Wendy May 

    Saundra Hanberry 
    Price $19 Member Price
    $29 Non-Member Price
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  • Learning Objectives
    • Identify the warning signs when it is time for you to up-grade your skills to remain relevant
    • Learn how to volunteer for new assignments and market yourself for new roles
    • Determine how to position your skills and experience to our evolving industry
    • Develop strategies to leverage your network when times are difficult
    • Learn how to maintain a positive attitude and thrive during periods of change
    • Connect and network with peer members
    Course Length 1.5 Hours
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