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GBAC-Trained Technician

  • Course Description This certification course teaches cleaning professionals and facilitiy managers to prepare for, respond to and recover from biohazards in the workplace. Participants will learn contamination and infection prevention and control measures and what it means to clean for health.

    Individuals who successfully complete the course within 30 days will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of ISSA, as well as a digital Credly Badge and are free to use the term “GBAC-Trained Technician” to distinguish themselves in their professional communication materials.

    GBAC-Trained Technicians are professionals with the planning, knowledge and processes needed to respond to a biohazard crisis in the workplace. They bring increased value to their employers and customers because they demonstrate the competence to carry out their responsibilities and they have a commitment to the standards of excellence and continuous learning.

    Certificate of Completion and badge awarded by GBAC, a Division of ISSA, valid for one (1) year. Renewal of the GBAC Trained Technician credentials can be accomplished by completing the GBAC Trained Technician Course again, or the GBAC Trained Technician Renewal Course.

    Course Lessons Include:
    Importance of proper cleaning and disinfection for health, GBAC protocol for response and remediation, proper usage of PPE, tools, and equipment, cleaners and disinfectants based on the EPA's Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance in the United States, and more. Price $150 Member Price
    $300 Non-Member Price
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  • Who Should Enroll All professionals interested in the planning, knowledge, and processes needed to respond to a biohazard or infectious risk in the workplace. Learning Objectives
    • Understand the key principles of cleaning and disinfection for infectious diseases.
    • Identify tools and processes for successful cleaning and disinfection.
    • Apply the proper procedures for cleaning and disinfection.
    Course Length Approximately 3 Hours